OMG we just sprung a leak….

Now What? Find the House water shut off valve. 

House Water shut off Valve.JPG


Mine is located in the crawl space, 3/4 inch poly-b supply line with a 3/4 inch globe valve with drain. To shut off….turn valve fully clock wise. One can open a tap to relieve the pressure in the line. The pressure of the water from Union Bay Improvment District water main is approxiametly 85 psi to our home and after the PRV (pressure reducing valve) 60 psi.

Two informative Videos


Hope the information gets you into action…

  • Find the valve
  • Turn it off and make sure its working
  • Make a tag and show others were the location is and how to shut off the water in an emergency
  • Water at 60 psi can do a lot of damage in a very short time

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