Water Main Flushing in Union Bay BC…. WHY?

From Union Bay Improvment District Web site

This program will commence on Monday May 13th and will be completed
by Wednesday May 15th, 2019. All work will take place from Monday toWednesday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
This program may result in temporary but harmlessslight discolouration of the
water and although it does not present a hazard to your health, itis advised that
you reserve some drinking water for that time. Should discolouration occur,
running a cold water tap for a period of time will remove and discolouration.
Where practical, residents should avoid washing laundry during operational
hours as to do so could result in discolouration of clothes.
Motorists are asked to slow down and use caution when approaching
flushing crews.
The Union Bay Improvement District would like to thank users for their
patience and cooperation during this program. Should you have any questions
or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 250 218 5127 or
250 335 2511.

Hydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants. … It ensures adequate water flow is available to fire fighters, residents and businesses. It also helps maintain the Union Bays water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains (distribution pipes)

Fire hydrants are connected to the drinking water distribution system which means that the water that comes out of the hydrants to be used to fight fires is the same high quality treated water that comes out of your faucet at home. … They use special wrenches and tools to open the fire hydrants.

You tube video explains why and how..


Well was’t that interesting….

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