Union Bay to Denman Island as the Crow fly’s

As I was taking a walk today, I stopped off at the post office and ask if they new the distance directly from Union Bay to the shore in Denman Island.

So, I decided to get some answers…

Union Bay to Denman Island as the Crow fly’s

Union Bay 270.45◦ across to Denman 90.39◦ 1.45nmi (2.68546Km) 124.7 ft deep in center


UBID Sells Fire Hall Property and new owners are preparing site


From Union Bay Improvment District Web Site

McLeod Road Property – The McLeod Road property has been sold and the proceeds $323,200.90 will be applied to our capital infrastructure account. This property was originally purchased for a new Fire Department Building. A more suitable piece of property was provided to us by Union Bay Estates as part of our water agreement at a cost of $1.

Union Bay Improvement District and Kensington Island Properties AKA Union Bay Estates & C.V.R.D. Master Development Agreements

Had a discussion with my neighbour who was perplexed on why the agreement was not available on the Union Bay Improvement District site so I decided to go get some answers.

Master Development Agreement, 2010

Click to access mda_fb349802.pdf

Master Development Amending Agreement, 2017

Click to access mda_amending_agreement_ca6517324.pdf

Details on the amendment can be found in the staff report dated December 8, 2017.

Click to access sr_report_with_consolidated_copy_of_new_mda.pdf

Seeking an Agreement between the Union Bay Improvement District and KensingtonIsland Properties
JS Mattison
August, 2017
Prepared for the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Click to access UBID-KIP-Final-Report-2017-August.pdf

Oops tried this link


Now why is that???????????? ( UBID deleted the Page)

Thanks to a Union Bay resident for a copy of the agreement. 

Potable Water service and infrastructure Agreement October 2017


Union Bay Improvement District UBID Langley Lake Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir

This will be of some interest for Union Bay residents and Landowners.


Tenders marked “Union Bay Improvement District – Langley Lake Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir” will be received at the office of Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd., PO Box 790, 194 Memorial Avenue, Parksville, B.C. V9P 2G8 up to 2:00:00 pm local time, Tuesday, February 26th, 2019. Any Tenders received after the stated opening time will be returned to the tenderer unopened. Tenders will be opened in public at 194 Memorial Avenue, Parksville, BC, on the same day at the boardroom or other publicized location.

The work includes the supply of materials, labour, and equipment to construct a new Water Treatment Plant, Reservoir, installation of the new (pre-ordered) water treatment equipment, and including the following:
o installation, testing and commissioning of all process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & controls, and installation of pre-ordered water treatment equipment, and associated PLC programming.

o Fabrication, welding, and installation of stainless steel piping including miscellaneous valves, fittings, and appurtenances.
o Installation of PVC water main piping and tie-ins.
o Design, supply and construction of a steel frame building and associated drainage and site works.
o Design, Supply and Construction of a Bolted Steel Reservoir.

Tender documents will be available at the office of Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd., 194 Memorial Avenue, Parksville, B.C. V9P 2G8 on or after Wednesday, January 30th, 2019. Digital copies of the Contract Documents and Drawings will be available upon request at no charge. Tenderers wishing to submit a Tender must register with Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. as a plan holder in order to receive all Questions & Answers Sheets and any Addendums that are issued.

Tenderers wishing to obtain hard copies of the Contract Documents and Drawings may request copies and pick these up from the office of Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. following Payment in the amount of $105.00 per set, taxes included, must be made by cash or by cheque made payable to Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. This payment is non-refundable. Enquiries regarding the project shall be directed to Ken Doll, P.Eng of Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd., at telephone 1-250-248-3151 or email kdoll@koers-eng.com.

Tenders must be accompanied by the specified Bid Bond, payable to the Union Bay Improvement District. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. The Union Bay Improvement District reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all tenders, or accept the tender deemed most favourable in the interests of the Owner. Tenders not conforming to the specified requirements may be returned to the Tenderer without consideration.


WPT Construction Contract awarded to Ridgeline Mechanical Contractor for $4,242,262

 Ridgeline Mechanical

Tel: (250) 483-3747. Fax: (250) 483-3357. Address: 496 Puntledge Road,
Courtenay BC,


Mason, Gordon
Chief Administrative Officer
Union Bay Improvement District
5579B. South Island Highway
Union Bay, British Columbia
V0R 3B0
Phone: 1 (250) 3352511
Email: gmason@union-bay.ca

Union Bay Improvement Districts Alternate Universe June 3rd 2019

Union Bay Improvement Districts Alternate Universe

Trustee Kaljur stated at the Annual General Meeting

The Ministry has never said the Water Treatment Plant must constructed and operational as the Chair stated last night at the AGM.

“This is what multiple letters from the Ministry have actually stated:

  1. March 19, 2018 “…a vital step not yet completed – namely, getting construction of the water treatment plant well underway.” page 1
  2. “the practical window of opportunity for the CVRD to request a governance study opens following the October 2019 general local elections.” page 2 – Marijke Edmondson Director, Governance Structures
  3. May 6, 2019 “Once the new Board is up and running, the Ministry is prepared to support the efforts by UBID and the CVRD to work together to review governance. However, it is important that the priority work of continuing construction of the water system plant continues.” Brent Mueller Director, Governance Relations (note: Several landowners received this letter due to multiple complaints about UBID governance)

Why lie about something which can be so easily disputed? Whose interest is being served when we are denied access to infrastructure grants and municipal financing 2% below prime?