Union Bay Improvement District and Kensington Island Properties AKA Union Bay Estates & C.V.R.D. Master Development Agreements

Had a discussion with my neighbour who was perplexed on why the agreement was not available on the Union Bay Improvement District site so I decided to go get some answers.

Master Development Agreement, 2010

Click to access mda_fb349802.pdf

Master Development Amending Agreement, 2017

Click to access mda_amending_agreement_ca6517324.pdf

Details on the amendment can be found in the staff report dated December 8, 2017.

Click to access sr_report_with_consolidated_copy_of_new_mda.pdf

Seeking an Agreement between the Union Bay Improvement District and KensingtonIsland Properties
JS Mattison
August, 2017
Prepared for the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Click to access UBID-KIP-Final-Report-2017-August.pdf

Oops tried this link


Now why is that???????????? ( UBID deleted the Page)

Thanks to a Union Bay resident for a copy of the agreement. 

Potable Water service and infrastructure Agreement October 2017


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