Union Bay Estates update Kensington Comprehensive Development Permit (DP 5A 19)

Updates on the Union Bay Estates to the construction of two buildings connected by a trellised walkway, parking area, drainage infrastructure, landscaping and related site works; 

Tuesday July 31st Boardroom of the regional district offices, 550B Comox Road, Courtenay, BC commencing at 4:00 p.m.

Note: The in-camera session of the board meeting will commence immediately following the open session.

Recommendation #3
THAT the board approve the Development Permit DP 5A 19 (34083 Yukon Inc) on the property described as Lot 3, District Lot 154, Nanaimo District, Section 32, Township 1 and District Lot 28, Nelson District Plan EPP15507, PID 028-731-531 (Lot 3, Plan EPP15507, Island Highway) for the construction of two buildings connected by a trellised walkway, parking area, drainage infrastructure, landscaping and related site works; AND FURTHER THAT the Corporate Legislative Officer be authorized to execute the permit.

Union Bay, Vancouver Island Snakes

My wife was in the garden and was surprised by the appearance of a snake under the red Japanese Maple. She wondered if they were poisoness, so I decided to get some answers

Common Garter Snake, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Robert Logan

Are there snakes on Vancouver Island?


Spring is in full swing; the birds are chirping, the gardens are lush and the snakes are out. Do not fear, the snakes of Vancouver Island are non-venomous and feed primarily on slugs and worms. ... All three species of Garter Snake are common throughout BC and not at risk of extinction (yellow-listed).

Garter Snakes in the Yard and Garden

A few garter snakes in the garden can be a good thing. They eat insects and other pests, so they can control those pests that harm your plants. … While generally shy and withdrawing, a garter snake will bite if you accidentally step on them.

Understanding the interactions of nature helps one be an active participant, now about that superfamily Grylloidea…CRICKET

Union Bay and Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Parcel tax and property taxes.

Union Bay Improvment District Parcel Tax backgrounder:

Had a chat with my neighbour and we discussed the difference between a parcel tax and property tax in Union Bay. So I decided to get some answers…

From the Trustee Handbook…..Improvement districts are incorporated by the Province of British Columbia (Province) under the Local Government Act (Act) and they are granted certain powers by the legislation. Each improvement district was created when the majority of landowners in a community petitioned the Province to incorporate an improvement district to deliver one or more public services on their behalf. The people with the responsibility for making decisions about the service(s) are elected by the landowners they are known collectively as the board of trustees.

Union Bay Parcel Tax covers supplying Potable Water , Fire Protection and Lights

Taxes, Tolls and Related Charges to landowners Information Sheet
UBID collects four (4) key sources of revenue comprised primarily of levies, taxes and charges. (click on link for details) Note Fees are for 2017

Land owners will be responsible for the cost of borrowing through their parcel taxes. Current parcel taxes are $345 annually.
Dependent upon final project costs (to be confirmed this spring), parcel taxes may increase between $45 to $90 annually. Final
figures will be made available once project costs have been confirmed.

Property Taxes | Comox Valley Regional District


Rural areas receive their property tax notice from the province’s Surveyor of Taxes Office at the end of May each year with the taxes due by the first business day in July. In 2019, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is providing a total of 99 separate services to residents and businesses.

Need more information contact Electoral Area A (Baynes Sound-Denman/Hornby Islands): https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/about/electoral-areas-member-municipalities-first-nations/electoral-area-baynes-sound-denmanhornby


Union Bay Improvement District did have its first Board meeting Thursday July 25th 2019 with all newly elected Trustees

Thursday July 25th, 2019 at 7pm UBID Board Meeting with a newly elected (April 20) majority composed of: Hein Vandenberg who was elected with a record breaking number of votes followed closely by Paul Healey.

Paul Healy has taken the oath of office and is now officially a Union Bay Improvement District Trustee and was unanimously elected Board Chair at the meeting, congratulations Mr. Healy