Union Bay, Vancouver Island Snakes

My wife was in the garden and was surprised by the appearance of a snake under the red Japanese Maple. She wondered if they were poisoness, so I decided to get some answers

Common Garter Snake, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Robert Logan

Are there snakes on Vancouver Island?


Spring is in full swing; the birds are chirping, the gardens are lush and the snakes are out. Do not fear, the snakes of Vancouver Island are non-venomous and feed primarily on slugs and worms. ... All three species of Garter Snake are common throughout BC and not at risk of extinction (yellow-listed).

Garter Snakes in the Yard and Garden

A few garter snakes in the garden can be a good thing. They eat insects and other pests, so they can control those pests that harm your plants. … While generally shy and withdrawing, a garter snake will bite if you accidentally step on them.

Understanding the interactions of nature helps one be an active participant, now about that superfamily Grylloidea…CRICKET

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