Union Bay Estates update from CVRD Web site.

Contaminated Site Remediation

  • On Monday, August 19, Union Bay Estates will start their next major phase of the development with the construction of a noise mitigation and soil management berm along the east side of Highway 19A.
  • Leighton Contracting will carry out the work, with support from SLR Consulting on soil management, McElhanney Consulting directing the civil construction, and participation from Baseline Archaeology and K’ómoks First Nation.
  • The berm construction and other soil movement associated with the development will be carried out under a permit (Approval in Principle) granted August 2nd by the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy.
  • The project work zone will not encroach into the riparian areas next to Hart Creek and other watercourses.
  • Union Bay Estates expects the berm construction to take up to four weeks to complete, at which time other site grading and soil management activities will continue under the ministry permit.
  • Any questions about the above activities can be directed to ubeinfo@mcelhanney.com

Steep Slopes Development Permit (DP 11A 19/ DP 12A 19)

  • On July 12, 2019, McElhanney Consulting Services submitted an application for a Steep Slopes Development Permit on behalf of the developer. The purpose of the application is to conduct land clearing, grubbing and regrading of a steep slope on Lot 2 and a small portion of Lot 1 (on the east side of the highway).
  • A steep slopes development permit is required if land alteration is proposed within 7.5 metres of a steep slopes (defined as an area with average slopes greater than or equal to 30 per cent for a vertical distance of three metres or more or slopes designated as hazard lands by a professional engineer with experience in geotechnical engineering)
  • The application is currently under review by CVRD staff.

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