Union Bay Landowners starting to ask, WHATS THE HOLDUP!

From: https://unionbay.news.blog/2019/09/09/letter-posted-ball-in-cvrd-court/

Union Bay has a newly elected CVRD Area A Director Daniel Arbour. It may be in the landowner’s interest to let him know what becoming a service area means to them. For me, personally, conversion to CVRD means a stable accountable local government, access to Municipal Financing (approx. 2% below prime) and Infrastructure Grant monies.

Contact link for Daniel Arbour CVRD Area A director

Daniel Arbour Baynes Sound – Denman / Hornby Islands (Electoral Area ‘A’)
5530 Seawright Road Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0
(250) 650-8480 (C) reachme@danielarbour.ca


From a landowner to Union Bay Improvement District Chair

We are quite concerned to learn that the UBID Board has not yet approached the CVRD to request the District to agree to examine whether Union Bay becomes a service area as suggested in the Ministry’s letter of August 30, 2019.   Although the Province has responded it is our experience that no action will be taken without further endorsement and encouragement from the Board and community.  A letter is needed from the Improvement District directed to the CVRD requesting their willingness to accept doing a study to transfer services.   Further, Chair Healy should be in touch with Daniel Arbour, Area Director personally to obtain his support?

As time is quickly passing this matter needs to be pushed forward.  Time is of the essence for April 2020 is not too far away.

Another Landowner

Good afternoon Chair Healey,

My understanding is the Union Bay Improvement District COW (community of the Whole) meeting September 12th, 2019 went well under the guidance of yourself. The Administer CEO Mason was a no show and you were left with the task of taking minutes of a 1hr and 47 minute meeting.

Many landowners cannot attend meetings and my understanding is the meetings are to be Video taped. Bylaw 270. This will be of some interest to landowners and something the yourself and Trustees will want to address.

My questions are;

Will all public meetings where the public can attend be Video taped? If not, why not.

Why is CEO Mason not required to attend meetings in public?

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