Union Bay and Coal Hills update

Just had a visit from my neighbour looking for advice on installing a Fluid Master fill valve in his toilet tank. The conversation led to did I know why the construction aware signs that read “Caution October to December” near the Union Bay Estates development. I said probably because of construction trucks coming and going. He then told me that a reliable source told him that a road was being built on the south side of washer creek, giving access to the coal hills.

I decide to go get some answers and called;

Alana Mullaly Contact Information

She explained that the developer may be building the road to allow access to the coal hill and will use the road on the development site later, further they have not received any information from the province on the coal hills remediation plans as of today.

And shared information that the purposed development plan to build a real estate sales centre with a neighbourhood cafe in the eastern wing of the building on Russell Street was passed, this was a site plan and not a building permit.

Well that helped to clear up some info, now about that Fluid Master flush valve.

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