Union Bay Falls Back

Did you remember to Turn your clock back?

Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, November 3, at 2 A.M., so prepare Saturday evening to “fall back” by setting your clocks back one hour. Here’s everything there is to know about Daylight Saving—from a brief history of why we observe this practice to the never-ending debate about changing the clocks twice a year!


The new legislation creates a time zone called Pacific Time, and allows the Peace Region and the Kootenays to continue their time traditions if they choose. Horgan says the legislation will give these jurisdictions a chance to consider what they want to do moving forward.

The legislation does not automatically mean British Columbians are done changing the clocks after this year. Horgan is still hoping that Oregon, Washington and California will get congressional approval to also move to permanent Daylight Saving Time.

Just Maybe……

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