Union Bay Improvement District Budget Questions

While we were stringing Christmas lights my neighbour asked did Christmas come early for Union Bay Improvement District. Curious, I asked what he meant. He then went on to blurt out the 2020 Budget amounts the Administration, Water and Fire Departments. So, I decided I would go get some answers.

Union Bay Improvement District 2019 approved Budget
Union Bay Improvement District 2020 approved Budget

From another concerned Union Bay Resident,

Land owners biggest concern about the 2020 budget should be Administrative remuneration.

                             2020            2019         2018         2017        2016

Public works—151,300     138,039      89,701    67,365     66,500

Fire rescue—– 50,433         46,013       29,000     24,616    24,300

 Total               201,733        184,052     118,701     91,981    90 800

That is over a 100% increase in three years since the current administration has been in place,

In 2016 the administrator attended the office 40 hours per week as well as regularly scheduled board meetings, committee meetings, the AGM and any other meeting. An office clerk worked part time and their total remuneration was


In 2019 The UBID web site Office Hours states

Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

{Closed over lunch from 12 noon to 1:00 pm}

Closed Monday and Friday

In 2019 nobody knows how many hours the CAO works for UBID. Nobody knows what remuneration he receives or what the benefits are. 

UBID has a deputy CAO. No one knows the days or hours worked, the salary paid or the benefits.

UBID also employs a part time office clerk, no one knows the days or hours worked, the remuneration paid, or the benefits received.

The budget remuneration for 2020 is $201,733.                                                                                            

Being transparent and honest the UBID should disclose this information to landowners.

 The same information should be provided for the Public Works staff and the fire department, their budgets has increased dramatically as well.

Good afternoon Trustee Vandenberg,

I have some questions on the 2020 Budget.  The 3 admin office staff received an increase of $17,681.63 in the 2020 budget, over the 2019 budget. Who got what portion of that increase? Waterworks renumeration, went from $121,191. in 2019 to $179,415.25 in 2020 an increase of $58,224.25. Was for a new employee for the new treatment plant employee? Fire department went from $73,430. in 2019 to $119,000. in 2020. An increase of $45,570! Why?

Respectfully submitted, Paul Allard resident and Landowner

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