Union Bay Improvement District Parcel Tax

Union Bay Improvement District Parcel Tax

Parcel Tax (Annual): Parcel taxes are often used in conjunction with user fees (i.e. water tolls) to recover the costs of providing water services. They are levied on any property that has the opportunity to be provided with a service, regardless of whether or not the service is currently being used. These taxes levied by UBID are used towards the renewal, replacement and capital costs of the water system and are not to be used to subsidize general operational or administration costs. Parcel taxes increased in 2016 from $340 to $345 per year for contributions to capital reserves.
Property Tax Requisition (Annual): A portion of your overall property taxes are collected by the Province on behalf of UBID and enable us to pay for the costs of providing fire rescue services and street lighting in Union Bay. Your property tax bill, which is calculated using an applicable “mill rate” set by the province and based on the assessed value of land and improvements, shows the tax rate and amount allocated for UBID. The amount requested from property taxes in 2016 remained unchanged from 2015 and is specifically itemized on your annual Rural Property Tax Notice as the “Union Bay ID” levy.
For more information, please visit the Fees and Taxation page on the UBID website at http://www.union-bay.ca or contact the UBID Administration office at (250) 335-2511.

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