Union Bay Improvement District trustee & as an employer. Update


From: Hein Vandenberg <hvandenberg@union-bay.ca>
Date: December 31, 2019 at 1:45:25 PM PST
To: Paul Allard <paallard@icloud.com>
Cc: Ian Munro <ian@leadingessentially.com>, Ian Munro <imunro@union-bay.ca>, Rick Bitten <rbitten@union-bay.ca>, Haraldson Ted & Frances <cfbxv@shaw.ca>, Susanna Kaljur <SKaljur@union-bay.ca>, Gordon Mason <gmason@union-bay.ca>
Subject: Your Questions

Hi, Paul,

1. UBID Governance Review. At this point, until a consultant has been designated by the CVRD, there is not a lot of information.  The UBID Board is being proactive and has voted Trustee Munro to represent the Board at the Advisory Working Group.  When we get solid information as to how the process unfolds, we will post it on the UBID website (under the Governance Review Section).

2.  Administrative Staff Hours.  I appreciate your active involvement in the community, and have two suggestions about the question and how best to address it.  The first would be to direct the question to the UBID CAO as it is his responsibility to manage and deal with the employees – not the Board.  Please recognize that the hours the UBID office is open to the public do not necessarily reflect the actual hours worked by the staff.

The second suggestion, while more difficult to make, would be to encourage landowners to engage directly with the appropriate parties in the UBID (i.e. Board, Administrator).  It is much more challenging to engage questions via a public blog space than one-on-one with the landowners.  I hope you will accept the realities of the challenge this presents to us as a Board and I appreciate your assistance in creating a more direct dialogue.


Chair Vandenberg.

One thought on “Union Bay Improvement District trustee & as an employer. Update

  1. Good suggestions by Chair Vandenberg IF landowners questions were actually answered by the staff. That is the problem – the Admin claims to be too busy to answer questions/correspondence for almost 3 years. The few times an answer is provided, if you have a follow up or questions the answer – the Admin claims harassment/bullying and threatens to call the RCMP. We never had this problem from April 2011 to Feb. 2017 when we had qualified Admin.


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