Union Bay stroll on July 6th 2020 found some interesting construction

Starting in late-October 2019 and continuing through to late 2019/early 2020, QM Environmental and Wacor Holdings Ltd. will be expanding the roadway on Highway 19A, in the general area of the Jones Street intersection in Union Bay, BC. Construction of a gravel access road is also taking place during the same timeframe. This work is in support of the coal pile remediation project.

  • The construction on Highway 19A involves adding turning lanes for both the north and southbound traffic, while creating a merge lane onto the highway from the gravel coal pile remediation access road. Intermittent, temporary road closures will occur in and around the work zone on Highway 19A.
  • QM Environmental and Wacor Holdings Ltd. will carry out the work, with direction from Keystone Environmental, David Nairne & Associates, and GeoPacific with regards to civil design and construction, and participation from Baseline Archaeology and K’ómoks First Nation.
New asphalt and turning lanes for the road to the Coal Hill remediation
New Turning lane when entering Union Bay from the north
New Turning lane from the south
Union Bay Estates digging holes
More Holes

In mid 2020 the real estate sales centre (“Discovery Centre”) is scheduled to begin construction. For conceptual design details, see Kensington Comprehensive Development Permit (DP 5A 19) below.

Kensington Comprehensive Development Permit (DP 5A 19)

 Map of Subject Property

  • On February 21, 2019, Blue Sky Architecture submitted an application for a Kensington Comprehensive Development Permit on behalf of the developer.
  • The Kensington Comprehensive Development Permit was triggered by the proposed construction of a building. The proposed works include construction of two buildings connected by a covered walkway to be used as a real estate sales centre and a café/deli. The proposed development is within Comprehensive Development Permit Area 3 (CDA-3).
  • The applicant is working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (Environmental Emergencies and Land Remediation Branch) to address contamination issues associated with the former industrial use of the lands. As per Section 557 (2) of the Local Government Act, a development permit cannot be issued until the applicant receives a release letter from the Director under the Environmental Management Act. 
  • On May 16, 2019 the CVRD received a release letter from the Ministry of Environment which allows the development permit to proceed through the review process.
  • The development permit was heard by the Area “A” Advisory Planning Commission (APC) at its June 11, 2019 meeting. The purpose of the APC is to review the application and provide advice to the area director, Daniel Arbour. The minutes from the meeting can be found here.
  • The development permit was heard by the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) at its July 15, 2019 meeting. The staff report and minutes can be found here.
  • The Regional Board approved the development permit at its July 30, 2019 meeting.  The minutes can be found here.


Response from a Union Bay resident;

Did you notice with the lanes in front of the KIP property (right at the Hall), you’ll see that if you’re coming out of the Hall parking lot, you can’t turn left and go north on the Highway (since you’re crossing a double yellow line).  Also, if you’re coming from the south, you can’t make a left-hand turn into the Hall lot because of the double yellow line. Dumb dumb dumb.

In a nutshell:  anyone coming from the south can’t turn legally into the Hall lot and no one can turn left and go north out of the Hall parking lot.  Ridiculous, considering that that is a location of our AGM’s and UBID meetings and other community functions as well as a meeting place for clubs, location for VOTING, and large functions such as weddings and family reunions take place there. Community members won’t be used to the restriction and no doubt there will be some accidents, especially once the KIP new entry is being used.  

I think it’s an accident (many accidents) ready to happen.

2 thoughts on “Union Bay stroll on July 6th 2020 found some interesting construction

  1. Poor design bike path is only a foot wide in some areas and the stop sign is only 2 feet from the ashfelt.



  2. A resident has sent in a detailed complaint to Mr. Brendan Kelly
    Senior Development Services Officer
    Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure


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