Union Bay’s New Water Treatment Plant IDIOMS

#1 — TEST THE WATERS Meaning: To test the waters means trying to discover a little more about a situation before you go ahead and become incredibly involved.

#2 — NOT HOLD WATER Meaning: If a statement or belief does not hold water, it means it has some flaws and is probably not completely true or correct.

#3 — IN DEEP WATER Meaning: To be in a difficult situation — especially one that is beyond the level of your abilities — or in trouble.

#4 — IN HOT WATER Meaning: To find yourself in trouble, usually when somebody will be angry at you or you will be punished.

#5 — THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER Meaning: To accidentally discard something valuable along with other useless objects.

 #6 — DEAD IN THE WATER Meaning: If a project or plan is dead in the water, it means it is stopped, without any chance for success or progress.

#7 — A FISH OUT OF WATER Meaning: To feel uncomfortable, like you do not belong in a situation.

#8 — KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER Meaning: This means you are trying extremely hard to survive financially, or you are barely able to handle a lot of work which is almost too much.

#9 — A WATERING HOLE Meaning: This is a slang word for a bar. The literal meaning is a small lake or pond where wild animals go to drink — so a place where people go to drink (alcohol) is also called a watering hole.

#10 — WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE Meaning: This idiom refers to something that has happened in the past and cannot be changed (so there’s no point worrying about it).

Thanks to Daniel Mulloy arta.net News and Views summer 2020

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