Union Bay Improvement District June 18, 2020 Board Meeting

My Questions for Chair Munro for the Thursday July 16th 2020 meeting

Good morning Chair Munro,

It was refreshing to see and listen to the meeting of June 18th 2020.

The last available minutes were posted on the Cow Meeting of April 21st 2020. My question for you is when will minutes be available on the UBID web site to view and will they include reports?

When will Landowners receive a budget that will include the operational budget of the new water treatment plant?

Thanks in advance,

Union Bay Landowner Paul and Karen Allard

UBID COW (community of the whole) Meeting June 9th 2020

Bloggers armchair observations…

From my observation the COW meeting video explain some of the more in-depth discussion of the new business motions.

Deliquiate parcel and water toll account’s discussion was informative and well debated.

Sound cutting out was annoying …….

Governance Working committee report by Trustees Bitten and Kaljur was thorough and easy to understand…

Trustee Bitten discussed the Communication with public on the New Treatment Plant and raised the question of lack of publicity…

Chair Munro is to lead the effort….

Final note:

There is a lot of water under that bridge and before Chair Munro navigates into those stormy waters he may want to remember:

  1. He has had Union Bay sea legs for just over a year.
  2. Many past chairs and trustees know where the sand bars and reefs are.
  3. History will not be kind to those captains that set sail before charting a course

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