Union Bay Improvement District COW(committee of the whole) July 7, 2020 meeting

July 7th,2020 COW(committee of the whole) Meeting

Armchair comments;

  • Looks like Chair Munro is also the videographer, a man of many hats..
  • Ms. J. Swanson is the temporary acting Administrator.
  • Motion on signing authority discussed.
  • 44,000 plus dollars requested for a washroom/office/lunchroom

            for the Union Bay Improvement District New Water plant.

  • Motion to have Public works superintendent to provide a full budget and additional costs.
  • Discussion on Elections, staggered voting, mail in ballots, AGM and open house and referendum was robust and spirited.
  • Motion to set a date for AGM for September 10th voted and passed
  • Motion to instructed administration to prepare a plan for an election voted and passed
  • Update on working committee
  • Water tolls that effected Union Bay Estates bulk buying and residential watering

Inspector Joe Friday would say, all we want to know are the facts, Just the facts.

Union Bay Landowners are perplexed,  

  • They payed for a private office for the CAO
  • The hiring of a Deputy CAO
  • New water billing system
  • The last financial statement 2018
  • Now a office/washroom/lunch room

Cha-ching cha-ching

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