Union Bay residence raises concerns and need’s your help

I was talking to some of the residence of Union Bay who asked for help.

Residents concerns….

I have contacted the CVRD today to express concern regarding two matters about Kensington Island Properties.

The first, most pressing issue relates to the waterfront on the area just north of Washer Creek that was cleared last fall.  It appears that the trees are being cut down along the creek on the ocean side of the property.  Although a riparian way (buffer zone) is required along the creek it is unclear whether this space is being preserved.

The second concern relates to the area that has been cleared off of McLeod Road.  It does not appear that a storm water management plan has been implemented for this property.  Once it begins to rain mud is sure to flow down the hill right into the creek.  As this is a salmon bearing creek this could be disastrous.

I have asked the CVRD to investigate both of these issues to ensure requirements are being followed.  It would help if others with concerns also contact the CVRD to reinforce that these issues need to be checked out.

Contact info to express concern are:

CVRD main number 250-334-6000; ask for the planning department.  The staff member who is in charge of the KIP file is Jodie   The general manager of the planning department is Scott Smith.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is coal-hills-map-ub.png

Thanks in advance


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