Union Bay Improvement District Landowners Were Treated to its first ever livestream Video AGM

Link to livestream of 2020 AGM Well worth the the time to view.

I watched the meeting via computer and video link and I asked a question. Will the board have working groups? The chair needed more clarification, I sent him this email today.

Good afternoon Chair Munro,

First let me thank you for turning this board around. The AGM was well organized and factual. Hopefully, this forum will be available to future meetings.

My question to you from video link was rushed so I will attempt to clarify. The Trustees Handbook page 30 discusses committees.


There may be times when a board of trustees will need to reduce its workload or obtain expertise from people other than the trustees or improvement district employees. One of the ways to manage these needs is for the board of trustees to create a committee. There are two types of committees that can be established: a select committee; and a standing committee.

 A select committee is established to consider or inquire into a specific matter and then report its findings and recommendations to the board. For example, a committee may be established to investigate options for water treatment, or to review contractor bids. Once the review has been undertaken and a report is presented to the board of Trustees, the committee’s business is finished, and it ceases to exist.

 A standing committee is established for matters that are more ongoing in nature. For example, where an improvement district delivers multiple services, the board of trustees may choose to establish a committee that deals with issues related to one of those services. The board may also want to establish a standing committee to deal with specific subjects such as finance, or public works.

 The board of trustees establishes select and standing committees and appoints their members. Persons who are not trustees may be appointed to committees, but at least one member of the committee must be a trustee.

Select and standing committees are purely advisory in nature. The board of trustees is ultimately responsible for making all decisions being considered by a committee and cannot delegate any of its authority to a committee. The board of trustees is not obligated to accept the committee’s advice

 The role of the committee and its purpose must be clearly defined by the board when the committee is established so that its members can focus on accomplishing the task at hand rather than discussing the committee’s role. Committees are not intended to undertake or duplicate any actions that are the responsibility of improvement district employees, and committees do not have any authority to give them direction.

 Select and standing committee meetings can be scheduled for times that are convenient to its members. In the interest of transparency, committee meetings should be open to the public – just as trustees’ meetings should be open.

I was on the 2015  Public works committee chaired by Trustee Alan Webb and the new trustee Eve Gaudreau was chair of the Fire committee Under Chair Molstad.

Hope that clarifies my question,

Respectfully submitted.

Paul Allard

Chair response,

Hi Paul.

Thanks for the question at the AGM and for clarifying it further here.  My answer wasn’t thorough at the meeting so I appreciate the ability to elaborate.

First I will answer as the Chair of the previous board with the caveat that the new board will elect a new Chair, and establish their own strategy with respect to committees.

With respect to the past board there were a few committee related activities:

1. The board had recently asked our Fire Chief to recommend committee members for a select committee to recommend what to purchase for a replacement fire engine.  That is in process and should be brought forward to the new board.

2. A Governance Study Working Committee was struck by CVRD and UBID had three members on that committee: Trustees Kaljur and Bitten along with Acting Administrator Swanson. Membership on that committee may be reviewed by the new board but at present nothing has been proposed. 

3.  In 2019 Trustees were appointed to head standing committees for Water and Fire services respectively. To the best of my knowledge those committees were not active over the past year. It will be up to the new board to decide whether these committees will remain.

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