Union Bay Improvement District
Conversion Study
1.2. KEY ISSUES from Final Draft Report September 2020

As outlined in the Terms of Reference for this study, UBID faces a number of ongoing
governance challenges, including:

  1. three resignations at the Board in July 2016 resulting in the
    loss of quorum,
  2. suspension (and then reinstatement) of a Board Trustee,
  3. the resignation of the Board Chair elected in April 2019,
  4. the resignation of the new Board Chair again in April 2020,
  5. and currently the requirement to extend the terms of two Board members in order to maintain quorum.

In addition to governance challenges, there are potential service:

1) delivery issues related to the capacity of UBID staff to address increasing demands due to growth and development,

2) as well increasing regulations and service level requirements for water and fire service delivery.
3) There have been a number of staff transitions in recent years, including the UBID Chief
Administrative Officer recently retiring in July 2020.

Finally, with respect to finances,

  1. as an improvement district UBID was not able to access senior government grant funding for its most recent water treatment plant project estimated at a capital cost of $4.2 million.
  2. The entire amount is therefore being funded and financed by the ratepayers.
  3. As a small community there is concern over the potential burden of infrastructure
    debt for both new and aging assets.

Concerns from a Union Bay landowner’s

  1. Cost to maintain the new water treatment plant and other unseen expenditures. e.g. a required new outbuilding for employees working on the Water Treatment site.
  2. Water system upgrades, example replacement of water mains, specially those that are asbestos pipe.
  3. New fire hall, and required replacement of equipment.

Question…..How much is in your wallet

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