Union Bay Sewer Extension Update November 17, 2020

Full Brief can be found at; 20201117 Warren SR RUBSEP KFN Work Commitment.pdf (comoxvalleyrd.ca)

Excerpts from Brief;

Recommendation from the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer:
THAT the Comox Valley Regional District remains committed to working with K’ómoks First Nation towards implementation of the Royston/Union Bay Sewer Extension Project;

The CVRD is committed to reconciliation and relationship building with the KFN and support KFN in building capacity towards independent government and future economic stability. The Royston/Union Bay Sewer Extension Project provides a long-term viable option for sewer servicing of KFN’s south lands and compliments the extension of water services already committed to,
therefore realizing the full potential of these lands. The project will also help to restore the natural environment of Baynes Sound and ensure ongoing safe access for the KFN to shellfish for food, social and ceremonial purposes as well as support their extensive aquaculture interests in Baynes Sound.

To facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration, this project will be a standing agenda item at monthly CVRD/KFN meetings. The CVRD will also work with the KFN to capture the recommendations of this report in a Memorandum of Understanding.

More detailed information by a well known Union Bay Blogger allthingsunionbay

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