UBID converting to Regional District service

The Union Bay Improvement District’s (UBID) referendum to convert its water supply, fire
protection and street lighting services to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has
resulted in 72% of votes in favour of conversion. More than half of the eligible voters cast
ballots during the advance and regular voting day, on November 28, 2020. 418 votes
were in favour of the conversion compared with 159 votes against.
“The landowners have provided clear direction to the UBID board with respect to
conversion, and on behalf of the board I want to thank all landowners who took the time
to express their opinion,” UBID Chair Ian Munro stated following the vote. “I recognize
that this is an historically significant moment for our community, as UBID has been in
place for 60 years. However, UBID does not define the character and significance of
Union Bay. We as residents do that, and I feel proud to be a part of this community going
The referendum occurred following an extensive study into the governance, finance, and
operations of the improvement district. The study resulted in a comparison between
service delivery under the improvement district and under the regional district as well as
included discussions with stakeholders and the public through online and in-person
information sessions.
“UBID, CVRD, and the Province worked well together.” noted Area A Director Daniel
Arbour. “I am quite conscious of the high public expectations in Union Bay regarding
responsible stewardship of these public services. As we move into the CVRD transition, I
look forward to furthering the work on upgrading the water pipes and giving
consideration to a new fire hall in consultation with the community.”
A few steps are required before the conversion can officially occur:

  • Both the improvement district and the CVRD must adopt board resolutions
    agreeing to move the process forward.
  • The Minister of Municipal Affairs will need to prepare and approve the legal
    papers and make a recommendation to the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the
    improvement district and for the assets and liabilities to be transferred to the
    Comox Valley Regional District.
  • Elected officials and staff from both organizations will begin the detailed planning
    to have a seamless transition; and an advisory group will provide leadership and
    guidance throughout the transition.
  • Conversion is being targeted for July 1, 2021.
    For more information on the referendum results and the conversion study, visit the
    Union Bay Improvement District website at https://union-bay.ca/.

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